Famous music composer Bent Fabricius Bjerre and myself



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I am 22 years old, and I was born in Denmark on July 30th, 1991.

I live with my girlfriend in a city called Horsens – this is where I eat, breath and sleep film/filmmaking – my greatest passion.

As a child I loved writing and drawing. For some time, I wanted to become a comic book writer, but I also liked sports, so like most boys, I also wanted to go pro. I've been playing football and golf since I can remember, and staying fit has always been a priority to me.

As I grew older, football became a more serious activity, and when I turned 13, I started playing at a more serious level. Thus, I better spend the better part of my teens on the field as part of the AC Horsens youth program. But at the age of 18 and after graduating secondary school, I decided not to pursue football professionally. Instead, I went for some job experience, so I got a job as a substitute teacher at a local elementary school in Horsens. Around the same time, I decided to focus more on a hobby, which had been growing on me in my teens: the art of filmmaking.

I have always loved watching movies and always enjoyed being creative with whatever tools available (cameras, phones, drawing, etc.). The thought of a life working in the creative industry always fascinated me, and when the opportunity to join a new film school in Aarhus became a reality in the spring of 2013, I decided to go all in - this was my chance! I made it all the way to the final step of the acceptance process, but – due to lack of film experience, as they said - I wasn’t accepted into the program. Though this was a tough blow to take, I instantly knew that I would not be giving up. I knew that I had to follow my dream, which is why I have spent the last year learning everything I could about life in the creative industry and gathering as much experience as possible by getting to know the right people and pursuing all opportunities of filmmaking.

Along the way, I have documented and shared some of my experience on this site. Check out my work and feel free to help me out by giving critique (comment, mail, Facebook, Twitter or Vimeo). You are very welcome to contact me about projects, as I am always looking for new challenges and experiences. Also remember to check out my blog where I post about inspirational filmmakers, films, and online tools for filmmakers.